UltraHub Solutions is a custom software solution that was design to fulfill the needs of the service industry.
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Why Choose Us?

We are a high quality software development company with many features.

The best software engineers are curious about why something is done one way or another, yet with the added ability of being objective about the solutions. Many engineers we know got in trouble as kids for taking things apart to see how they worked. Putting together software is just a creative.


If you’ve been tinkering with software programs since you were a kid, your abilities as an adult will be quadrupled. Beyond hands-on experience, you might also be addicted to math and science, and the ability to stay organized. At the same time, great software engineers realize that.


Although you may have passion for your job, this love for your work and for the next project doesn’t mean that you can be sloppy. Attention to detail is important, but so is an ability to stay organized. So much bad code belongs to developers who don’t do what they know should be done.


Few projects are small enough or require so few skills that one person can do them well. Learning how to work as a team in college is one way to get over that “hermit” image. Successful engineers also become good communicators. They know how to convey ideas to clients and customers.



Our work is split between growing the company and working with the team on all areas.
Clement Ramakrishnan
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Clement Ramakrishnan is a senior property executive and graduate of Nanyang University. He entails being ultimately responsible for all day to day management decisions and for implementing the company long term and short term plans.
Ruwanthi Tissera
Managing Director
Ms. Ruwanthi Tissera is a software engineer and mobile app developer. She is Graduate of University of Moratuwa and Postgraduate of Kingston University, London, and in-charge of the full management of the company and has the power to lead the company.
Joseph Francis Tissera
Financial Director
Mr. Francis Tissera is a businessman with 40 years business exeperience. He cares of all the important financial functions of the company and he is responsible for raising of funds, allocations of funds,profit planning and understanding the capital market.