Front – end or client – side development is a relatively obscure Internet discipline. Historically, this role has been known under several aliases, htmler, web designer, coder, frontender and so on, but its core functions remain the same while expanding with the progress of the Internet. It is a hinge role that requires both aesthetic sensitivity and programmatic rigor.

To many people, client-side development might be perceived as ‘making things pretty’ and, while it is a valid comment since we do make things look good, as good-looking things sell better, there are many other technologies that fall within this field that might be usually overlooked.

Since its inception, the web has been primarily about information but this data-driven trend can just drown people with a flood of disconnected, random info factoids that few can grasp and even fewer be interested in.

The goal of a front end developer is to create clear, easy, fast pages and interfaces that will make people understand and care about the information, by putting it in context, expose its legitimacy or lack thereof, and reveal their implicit or explicit interconnection.
Front – end is not just a pretty face, it’s the friendly, forward – looking interface of web development.

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